Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Balls of Macklemore

Hip Hop has had an overall bad record when it comes to its treatment of women and gays.  The enlightened have been few and far between.  They have mostly consisted of peripheral characters to the mainstream scene.  Finally, someone has come along and had the balls to point this out and show some compassion and intelligence on an important issue of the day.

Sure it is timed with the release of an album, so he gets some publicity for the "controversial" position, but it could also be a risk.  I guess he is also banking on the fact that most young people do not understand the homophobia of their elders.  This is also timed to publicize the referendum up for a vote in Washington concerning marriage equality.  Though same sex marriage was approved by the state legislature, it has now been put on the ballot, by some regressives.  Confusingly, the correct way to vote for this homophobic referendum is IN FAVOR.  So tell all your friends in Washington, like Macklemore is.  

I hope he sells a shit-ton of albums and becomes super famous off of this.  I am going to download this now.  You can download the song here.  Watch for the full Macklemore and Ryan Lewis album, The Heist, on Oct 9.  Get more info here.