Thursday, March 29, 2012

Peeps on Film

What is it about peeps that inspire such reactions in people, whether negative or positive?  They are an intensely weird thing, peeps.  They are surreally colored and shaped into vaguely animal shapes.  They seems to be from another world and another time, but their popularity persists.

Now, they have taken to the cinema - creating great movie scenes.  Actually, they have been for years, as part of a peep diorama contest.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The folks at Mental Floss just collected the ones depicting oscar-winning films.  Behold "the Peeps of Wrath:"

I found a couple more that had not won Academy Awards, but were great.

Spinal Peep

and The Peeps (Birds)

This is probably my favorite.  I love the minimalist set - like if the Birds with Peeps was a play.  I love how menacing Peeps can look when colored black.  I also love Tipi (peep) Hedron's little outfit and cigarette.  Well done!  Actually, I guess the character's name was Melanie Daniel, but I just like to picture Tipi Hedron with big yellow ears.  Wonder if Dakota Johnson could pull that off.

Search for them.  They cover all sorts of subject matter from politics to current events.  Maybe I am late to this party, but it is a fun one.  More on Peeps here.


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